I just got my hands on Microsoft's latest toy call Live Mesh Remote Desktop . It turned out to be a very impressive tool!

I installed it on my workstation at work and right away I can access my work desktop from anywhere thru the Live mesh website (need to install a activeX plugin on the client side IE). Appearantly this thing also goes through firewalls so there's no need to login to my company's VPN to access the desktop. I didnt spend too much time with it but from what I'd seen so far, it feels just like a remote desktop session.

The biggest drawback is that it's Windows and IE only and required the activeX plugin to be installed, which means it's not yet truely accessible from anywhere. The activeX plugin also requires admin rights to install so you cann't access it unless you have admin rights on the client side or the client computer already had the plugin installed.

Overall, I am impressed by this tool. It's one of the best things Microsoft put out for a while, and it's FREE! I cant ask for too much for that price :-)